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Reasons why a man could say no to sex

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Men were advised to stay away from women during the Transit of Venus as happened this morning. Staying away here, very obviously, being a euphemism for not getting busy between the sheets.
So, you have heard too that men only have sex on their mind and are ever willing to do junior’s bidding. You also know that, generally, men don’t feign headache when it comes to having a romp. For them this action is, often, what lulls them to sleep and sweet dreams.

For most men, sexual abstinence is not a happy choice; at most, it can only be a compulsion brought on by stress, sickness, and sagging body parts.
Men like to get it up, get on with it, and get done with it till the oats are ready and itching to be sown again. Which is to say, soon after!

But, there are men, who take a sabbatical from sex, and no, this has nothing to do with any physiological reasons. And for these men sex is not a stress buster but something that adds to it. So, while the woman may throw herself at him or send subtle signs his way, he refuses to turn it on. Even if he does not plead headache, it will be some excuse like sleep or not being in the right mood or mental make-up. Whatever happened to this man’s default masculine settings?

So, what should we read when a man says no

1. He’s not into you… at the moment… he’s into someone else… you

can take this literally or metaphorically ( J ), depending on your relationship with him.

2. He on an orientation experiment… and is steeling himself to say no to you to do full justice to his experiment.

3. He has realised that straight is not his sexual calling, and this is his way of hoping you’d guess.

4. You don’t do it for him anymore.

5. The Poonam Pandeys and Rozlyn Khans have ‘exposed’ him to another side.

6. He doesn’t need anyone but himself to enjoy anymore… that should be an easy one to figure out!

7. Laptops, iPhones, and all that radiation have lowered his libido.

8.Vicky Donor spoilt it for him. Those ‘little fellows’ swimming in the bottles have taken the fun out of the act.

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9. Time to service the equipment, we say. After all, you can’t take junior for granted, and not make any allowances for his occasional dips, troughs and lows! He can’t be high and hard every time, can he?

10. If the man’s been on a sexual binge of late, maybe this is his way of telling himself to slow down lest the peaks give way to plateaus. He’d like his performances to always peak. Going out on a limp is not his scene!

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