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Samuel Kwame Boadu’s Digital Marketing Guide In 2023

Samuel Kwame Boadu's Digital Marketing Guide In 2023
Samuel Kwame Boadu is a Digital Marketer and an Entrepreneur with over 10 years working experience, working for TOP Brands in Ghana and below are a couple of things he believes will ensure your marketing success in 2023 if you apply them.
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For every income you make, set aside at least 10% to run ads and get to have new leads on your list… get to have new people know you. Don’t you ever think you don’t need ads. Ads give you advantage… that’s why ADVANTAGE starts with Ad.
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Don’t even think of handling everything alone this year… you cannot! Assign stuff to people, helpers, mentors and mentees… pay to have it done, if you have to. That way, you’ll have time to focus on the ones you can handle and make the best of it.
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You’ll have to learn the art and science of putting words together to upset someone to take the action YOU DESIRE them to take. Copywriting helps you woo the will of people to act in your favor… this is a supreme skill in marketing. Learn it. If you learnt already, improve on it.
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Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to single out yourself as an authority in your field of interest, so you can have a larger impact. As much as possible, keep building your brand. Money follows who you become.
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As a brand, it’s time to kill that shyness. There’s no space for shy people in the marketplace. People will trust you more, if you can come on screen and give out what you have for them with boldness and confidence.
Because of course, anyone can be writing anything… or the script might not even be yours. But when you deliver in video, it’s you… and it shows you’re good enough. Trust increases.
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Take advantage of influencers to reach more persons. It will make your work easier.
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Give out a certain percentage of your profit to people. They would get it by helping you make sales of your stuff. Create a system for that transaction to run automatically without your involvement.
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People want to be sure that what they want to try actually worked for someone else. People believe what others say about you, more than what you say about yourself. In fact, most people don’t like being the first to try. So, make sure to get honest reviews and testimonies from people who’ve tried your stuff already. It will help you sell more.
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Take advantage of seasons and memorable celebrations and give discounts and packages at “season’s price”. People love discounts a lot. Easter, Democracy Day, Workers Day, Armed forces Remembrance Day, your birthday, Xmas… just anything to get people in a high spirit to not miss out on your offer at any point in time.
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For your ease, and better results in lesser time, automate your marketing processes. Automate your response to leads, so they can be settled as soon as soon as they land. A lot of sales are missed due to untimely response. Personally too, try to reply to important messages ASAP. This will help your Life.
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