Sometimes Passion works but…

passion works
written by Samuel Kwame Boadu

Passion works but…: I read a post recently where the poster made this statement, “if your passion doesn’t work, go for something that works”. When I saw it, I smiled and passed. But then it hit me; so many people would have gulped in that piece of information hook, line and sinker. You see, in this era of social media where everyone is a philosopher and a quote creator, we all must be careful of the kind of information we consume. Some sayings can make sense, appeal to your emotions, align with your worldview, massage your self-esteem, inflate your ego and still be wrong. You must strife for the truth because that’s what will set you free.

passion works
passion works but… Samuel Kwame Boadu
So here’s the truth:
Your passion which makes up a fraction of your identity as a human being is given to you by God.
When growing up, you were exposed to so many things but you became passionate about a few. Why is that? It is because God has hardwired you to feature in those fields of endeavour. But being passionate about a thing is never enough. Passion alone can’t get the job done. Desire, diligence, dedication and discipline must be applied to passion if it will ever see the light of day. Passion works but you are the one to put in the work. Your passion won’t work unless you work it. You’ve got to feed your passion with the fires of desires every single day, else it will starve to death in the cold hands of inactivity. Spur your passion into action by the fires of desires.
A passionate medical student who doesn’t take his studies seriously will only end up a serial killer in white coat. A doctor need more than just passion to save lives in the ICU. He needs a cup of knowledge, a bowl of wisdom spiced up with understanding and a dessert of plenty courage to go with it. You equally need those qualities too. So when your passion isn’t working for you, check yourself. Have you put in the hours? I mean have you worked the passion with studies and practices? If yes, for how long and under whose guidance?
Go read the last statement again.
Do you know that graduates of medicine from University of Ghana, Russian Universities offering medicines, UK Universities offering medicines etc  are the most preferred in the country? Reasons include the quality of the persons and systems that oversaw their training. So by virtue of the school they went to, they are already steps ahead of their contemporaries. Are all the graduates passionate? Maybe.
But the quality of their training and hence their perceived value is being graded by who trained them.
Your passion will always suffer mediocrity and suppression if you don’t sharpen it under quality hands.
The best trainer is expected to produce the best trainees. Even if his trainees are not as good as others, his name will make a way for them. Passion is good but passion alone will always fail.
The good old Book says that passion brings about perfection. You can’t really ever attain perfection in that which you are not passionate about. ‘Cause the energy and the drive that will propel you to perfection is in your passion.
Passion itself is a motivator. Messi is a gifted footballer, CR7 is a passionate footballer. PepsiCo Inc is an endowed bottling company, Coca-Cola is a passionate bottling company. There are tons of examples I can’t list out but when you put passion side by side with other talents or privileges, passion will always come out top. So my friend, first get yourself together and work your passion, believe it and own it for it carries in it the seed of your greatness. And second, get a good mentor to guide you through your journey. Then and only then will you attain your designated height of fulfillments.
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