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Stuck in Life ? Pull From the Ditch and this is How

written by Samuel Kwame Boadu


Stuck ? Imagine that a car got stuck in a ditch and the driver could not pull it out. The car would only move if pressure is exerted on it. The driver either gets people or a tow vehicle that can lift the car from the ditch.

A lot of times when storms arise in our lives as humans, we get stuck in a ditch. A ditch can be anything, so far it holds you back from moving to where you ought to be. Several things can be a ditch. It could be the mindset, fear of failure, lack of confidence, waiting for the right time to move etc. When you are not connected to your truth, there is a likelihood that you’ll use the leg of others to run your race.
And when you drift from your lane to that of another, you lack expertise to perform well on that lane. This may be why you are stuck. Stay on your lane Ama ! I know you long to be like Akosua. You can’t handle the challenges that come with running on Akosua’s lane. Your lane is God’s gift to you. Embrace the challenges that come with following the lane. Learn lessons along the way, and become better equipped.
I know that you are insecure about your life and journey. But note that, your struggles are unique to you. You’ve been given the grace to overcome, no matter how tough. This is no motivation. It’s an advice.
You can be the best if you stick to your lane. Don’t allow your insecurities enslave you. Embrace freedom.
Let go of habits. Cultivate character. Be around the right people. They may be just what you need to manoeuvre your stuck self away from the ditch. Pull away!
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Samuel Kwame Boadu