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Matthew 25:1-4 “Then the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom……The ten virgins invited for a wedding banquet, they had to go with extra oil in case of necessity. They never thought of that, except five of them who were intelligent and wise enough to come with extra oil.
The bride and her groom took time to arrive at the venue, and the virgins had their lamp lighted.
When they arrive, the five foolish virgins discovered that their oil is almost exhausted, and they needed to fill it up before the celebrant arrive. They pleaded with the other five to help, but they turned their request down cos they can’t afford to be left out from the ceremony. The five foolish virgins left the scene of the event in search of oil, immediately they left the celebrant arrived. And the gate was locked, and none was allowed into the venue of the event again, and the foolish virgins were denied access into the venue. They lost an opportunity to be at the right place cos they came unprepared, they came with no extra oil, and they got their selves to blame.
In life we must try to position ourselves for opportunities, you mustn’t be caught unaware. Opportunities they said comes but once, that’s not totally true because there are many opportunities out there but you need to be ready and available to take them when they come. And to do that, you must go with extra oil, take an emergency oil, you must go with added skills that will stand you out among your competitors. You need to get that extra skill, learn that copywriting, affiliate marketing, content creation and other online skills can be an added advantage to you.
It’s a new week, new day, new month, new year , what’s that extra oil you are going into the new week with?
If none, then you have to go for one.
To be continued…….

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Samuel Kwame Boadu