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THAT INVESTMENT YOU CAN NEVER REGRET: It is very disheartening to see people bemoan their loss for investing a company that turned out to be a scam scheme or when they invest in relatives who end up turning their back on them. They suffer a huge blow to their heart and this gives room for depression.
What if people actually find that one investment they can make and they never have to be anxious it would be a wasted effort or they would suffer loss without any gain?
What kind of investment would that be?
Let me share a short story with you before I proceed. Many years ago, a young woman took the decision to invest her money into landed properties. She went ahead buying lands upon lands, despite the oppositions coming from family and friends. They felt she was being foolish or arrogant. When she purchased those lands, they were sold at the price of GHS 40,000. Currently, that land is now worth GHS 230,000. Her family and friends couldn’t help but see that she made the right investments in the past, because the land appreciated and she got more reruns than she had bought the land.
What is the point of this story?
I want to channel this down to your personal life. Any investment made on yourself as an individual can’t be wasted. If you invest more on yourself, you will get your returns. Spend money learning new things!
Spend time acquiring new knowledge and skills! Spend money taking care of yourself! You deserve the best
The investments you make in yourself now won’t ever go to waste. You will see them yield results.
“A good tree will surely yield good fruits”
Investment on your personal life, personal development, personal brand, health, self esteem will be the best decision you will make as March is coming to an end! Incest in yourself and you won’t have to feel regrets.
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