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The 50 Ghana Cedis Note Lessons : Two(2) Lessons that Changed Mindset of Students

50 Ghana Cedis

The 50 Ghana Cedis Note Lessons: I watched a motivational speaker years back use $50 to change perceptions of students present at his talk show so one time when I had an opportunity to speak with some students during my Volta Region High School Tour, I used a Ghs 50 note to do likewise !

These are the Two(2) important lessons I thought from a Ghc50 note. Let me share this.

Lesson 1 : I got out my wallet and pulled out a Ghc 50 note. Holding it up, I asked, “Who wants this Ghc50 note?” Lots of hands went up. I began to sing a slow chorus through the microphone ???? as students began to shout “Me!” “Me!”. I began to wonder who the lucky one would be to take the Ghs 50. I knew some students secretly wondered (and I am sure some of the teachers did too ) why I would simply give away Ghc50. Even as the shouts of “I want it” grew louder, I noticed a young lady running down the aisle to the stage where I stood. She ran up onto the stage, came up to me, and grabbed the Ghc50 note from my hand.


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Well done, young lady,” I quickly said into the microphone. I then continued and added saying “Most of us just sit and wait for good things to happen. That’s of no use. You’ve got to make things happen. Make a move! Simply thinking about doing something is of no use and not good enough. Our lives are like that. We all see opportunities around us. We all want the good things but the problem is we don’t take actions. We all want the Ghs 50 note on offer. But we don’t make the move. We look at it longingly. Get up, and do something about it. Don’t worry about what other people might think. Take actions.”

The whole auditorium was silent and at that moment that young lady was seen as an achiever, the one who saw the opportunity that everyone wanted and she was the only one hungry enough to take that bold step to get it irrespective of the noise and competition around her !


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Lesson 2 : Later, I got another Ghs 50 note and held it up for all to see and you could see how some students were ready to jump on the stage waiting for me to use the earlier example ???? but I wanted to teach another lesson. This time I just asked a simple question, “How much is this second Ghs 50 worth?” The students yelled in unison, “Very worthy and valuable “.

Right !,” I continued. I then took the Ghs 50 note and crumpled it into a ball and asked “How much is it worth now?” They screamed again saying “Very Worthy and valuable!“.

I then threw the note on the ground, stamped all over it and picked up the note and asked one more time: “And how much is it worth now?” “Very Worthy and Valuable !” was the response.

I want you to remember this,” I continued. “Just because someone crumples it, or stamps on it, the value of the note does not diminish. We should all be like the Ghs 50 note.

In our lives, there will be times when we feel crushed, stamped over, beaten. But never let your self-worth diminish. Just because someone chooses to crush you, that doesn’t change your worth one bit !

Hope you learnt something now !


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