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The word “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” is now a common subject which is discussed on digital platforms and offline platforms. This is commonly talked about online but there is a huge sweet tonguing on the subject of entrepreneurship.???? When that word is mentioned especially among young people, the following comes to their mind;
Many people just see entrepreneurship as a fast way to make money but they forget that there is another side of entrepreneurship called process????. Many young people have been given that magical motivation to start so so and so business and earn 6 figures or 7 figures in a short time, they don’t tell you that you will go through process. This mentality of I must make money now now is going to put many people in trouble of scams, Ponzi schemes like some trending gold news. Entrepreneurship dividends won’t happen instantly so if you think it is a ponzi scheme where you are given automatic rewards then forget about becoming an entrepreneur.
When I started my entrepreneurship journey I was thinking entrepreneurship was just about come and chop then clean your mouth????. What I mean by that statement is that I was thinking about the rewards I will get but I never carried the mindset of something for something. A lot of people just want to reap from entrepreneurship when they didn’t sow anything. There are two major ways to sow in entrepreneurship and those are the two major ways you can reap your harvest in entrepreneurship. I call it THE INPUT STRATEGY????
The INPUT STRATEGY is a strategy which talks of putting value inside you as a person then giving value.
When you build yourself into a valuable individual and you offer value that’s when the entrepreneurship journey becomes rewarding but if you just want to come and chopping clean mouth then am sorry to give you the bad news which is , entrepreneurship is not for you. It is when you become a person of value and you offer value ,that when your harvest is sure as an entrepreneur because you can’t reap where you didn’t sow.???? In the business of entrepreneurship there is no concept called NOTHING FOR NOTHING.
This is another word which most motivational speakers like me and writers use to entice you into the business of entrepreneurship but they don’t tell you the other side of it.I don’t entice but tell you the truth ???? Some people have left their jobs without putting things in place just because of the motivations they were given to be their own boss and when they don’t see the rewards they give up and call entrepreneurs scammers and liars.???? The reason why many people give up in the business of entrepreneurship is because they thought that freedom from a 9-5 job makes them free from work but in the real sense of it entrepreneurship is very demanding????. This is why my advice to employees is that don’t quit your job when you know very well you have not prepared the ground for what you want to go into. It is better to hold on to your job and be working on your entrepreneurship ideas.When you know you have enough stability during your process and structures on ground which won’t make you go back to square zero then you can resign. The other side of entrepreneurship which they don’t tell you are as follows;
1. It is very demanding and requires a lot of work and consistency.
If you can’t work better than the way you work in your 9-5 job then your success as an entrepreneur will be minimal.
2. It requires your resources especially finances.
If you don’t have a job of other streams of income especially as a newbie in entrepreneurship then you may give up if you don’t have the kind of pharaoh stubborn heart.
Most motivational speakers and writers tell you that you don’t need to worry because you can be your own boss, the truth is it requires finances to be your own boss so if you don’t have other streams of income then frustration will be your second name.
There are times you will be criticised and other times nobody will patronise you because you are just starting out, so don’t think entrepreneurship is an easier road than 9-5 job. If you are not having strength for the entrepreneurship journey then forget about entrepreneurship . Develop the strength because you will need it when storms come. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not for the lazy ones rather for the smart workers and strategic action takers but above all you need wisdom of God to bring all together..
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