The Problem & The Process you must go through

For every gram of gold, a pound of sand is unearthed with it. During the process of extraction, all impurities shelling the gold are overlooked. Not because they are useless but because their value with regards to the gold is insignificant. Your relevance is not tied to your circumstances but, what you become by reason of the process. The same boiling water that hardens eggs, softens potatoes. I personally read the story of a teacup at the mall (Second Cup Coffee Company) who was recounting his ordeal to a buyer.
According to the teacup, his maker(God) molded him from clay, rolled and spin him on the potter’s wheel. Each process more gruesome than the last. Every time, the teacup will yell ‘let me alone’ and the maker(God) will reply ‘not yet’. At last when the teacup thought the maker(God) was done with him, he was cast into a furnace. The poor teacup felt betrayed by the maker(God).
An hour later, the teacup was placed on the shelf and the maker(God) handed him a mirror. The teacup couldn’t believe his appearance but the maker(God) wasn’t surprised. He saw the beautiful teacup inside the rough clay in the beginning. Problems are processes to a better promise. Negative consequences can be harnessed to get positive results. Trust the process & don’t panic, it may not be easy but it’ll be interesting.
Just remember this, the diamond would never be smooth because its value & beauty lies in the polishing of it’s edges. Read Jeremiah Chapter 18 in the Holy Bible – “THE POTTER AND THE CLAY”
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