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The Unpopular Truth About Framing In Communication That is Affecting Your Brand

The Unpopular Truth About Framing In Communication
If you communicate online or you are building yourself to become a blogger, public speaker, trainer or a leader, you must pay attention to how you communicate your thoughts. Even as a person, you must learn to communicate in the right way, considering who you are talking to and where you are speaking. There is a term in Psychology called FRAMING.
The way a statement or question is framed influences a person’s reaction or feedback to it. This means that the way you say something will affect what the receiver of your message thinks about it. This comes to play in our everyday activities. The way you speak to a child is not the same way you speak to an adult. The way you speak to an amateur is not the same way you speak to professionals. The way you speak to your age mates isn’t the same way you speak to your elders. Framing of thoughts helps you to communicate your ideas to your listeners in the right way. You consider who you are speaking to and pass your message on accordingly.
As a content management expert, one thing I help my clients do is create content to speak to their audiences in the right way. So, the way I create content for social media isn’t the way I do for emails and memos. It also isn’t the way I do for media publications. So, FRAMING helps you to know who is listening and reading from you and as such, compels you to communicate with them the right way. This is why I wonder “sadly” how people send emails as though they are writing to their friends. They also send messages to those above them as if they are buddies.
If you have ever sent a message to someone you admire and you are expecting a certain reply or answer but instead, you get a shocking reply, take a deep breath. Instead of cussing such a person, take your time to go back to your message and ask yourself these questions:
• If it were me — in the position of this person — what would I have responded?
• Am I asking what is not possible?
• Did I overstep my boundaries in the course of communicating my message?
• How best should I have framed this message?
Even when addressing people as a compere, master of ceremony, speaker or trainer, you must frame your words to suit the people and the environment. You don’t throw any kind of joke just to sound funny. You also must learn to address people using the right title and tone. The same applies to your post. You can correct a situation without sounding harsh or condescending. You can also talk to people without making them feel less of themselves. The way you frame your content will determine how it is received. And yes, there is a thin line between being BOLD and being ARROGANT. When you have a message, think about how best to FRAME it before passing it to your audience. This will help you be at the top of your game whether as a writer, speaker or thought leader. This is an unpopular TRUTH!
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