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This is Why ChatGPT looks so attractive to investors, Microsoft right now


In a bid to invest $10 billion into OpenAI the owner of ChatGPT, a chatbot software with almost human-like conversational responses, Microsoft Corp is reportedly in talks with OpenAI.

An investment of around $10 billion dollars is said to be on the table from Microsoft.

Microsoft Corp has been in talks with OpenAI founded by Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk alongside Sam Altman.

This comes after OpenAI wanted to sell existing shares at a roughly $29 billion valuation.

It seems Microsoft may be looking at ways of integrating ChatGPT’s features into Word, outlook including PowerPoint.

This means Microsoft is planning on incorporating text generating features into Word on its autocomplete feature.

This could mean autogenerated responses in the future based on a prompt set by the user.

ChatGPT was made available for public testing on November 30.

The software application gained huge interest around December 2022, with some lecturers endorsing the application in order to reduce time spent for prep times for lectures.

ChatGPT has gone viral since it’s release and has attracted millions from investors.

Known as the latest fad in technology, ChatGPT can generate lectures, and is the perfect example of machine learning.

Launched in November 2022, the technology was developed by San Francisco based research company Open AI led by Sam Altman and backed by Microsoft, including LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

ChatGPT automatically replies in text format based on prompts given to it.

The responses are the fascinating part as they are more creative and advanced than most chat bots.

This AI chatbot can answer questions and program computers.

Simply type in questions using natural language and the chatbot ChatGPT gives a conversational and comprehensive answer.

Even if you’re not into tech heavy gadgets and new developments this definitely should catch your attention.

Most of ChatGPT’s responses are derived from the internet.

It thinks of responses, is probably more knowledgeable than most people, but it isn’t ready to replace human’s just yet as it’s creator has warned that it can at times offer inaccurate information.

ChatGPT is creative, resourceful, and can help prepare for lectures, explain Newton’s law of motion, and write a computer program, this system is fast gaining momentum towards a future many thought would only arrive decades from now.



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