Two(2) Things I Have Learnt About Online Marketing So Far In 2022​ ​

online marketing
written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
A Must Read For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals​
​Online Marketing Requires a Foundation​
​I see a lot of adverts daily from several businesses and one thing that is common among these businesses is;​ SIMILAR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES​
online marketing
online marketing
​This means there are several authors promoting similar topic based books, writers promoting similar services, social media managers promoting similar services and so on.​
​What will make a client ignore others in your niche and buy from you?​
​I learnt this year from experience that it takes a business owner, entrepreneur or professional who has a personal brand to be separated from the saturated market.​
​We have so many graphic designers who are looking for clients but what will make a client leave other graphic designers and choose to do business with you?​
When you have a personal brand that is healthy and well positioned to promote your business, online marketing becomes effective and result oriented.​
​One of the reasons why your online marketing campaigns don’t convert as much as you want is because there is a foundation lacking which is personal branding.​
​No matter what business you do and how successful it is now, don’t ignore the place of building a personal brand.​
​Online Marketing Success Lies In Lead Generation​
​Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place for direct marketing where you sell your products and services but if that’s all you have in your marketing strategy then very soon you may go out of business.​
​You need to understand that one of the pillars for a successful online marketing campaign is lead generation.​
​When you master the art of generating leads for your business, you won’t always spend money getting new customers because you have leads to promote your business to constantly.​
​And when I say lead generation, I am not talking about giving a free ebook and getting their emails and phone numbers alone.​
You can do free webinars and interact with the leads you generated. Connect with them because buyers are emotional.​ When you generate leads using free webinars, you are making your business brand to gain more awareness and visibility which proceeds to sales gradually.​
​These are two LESSONS that guide me in getting a higher ROI whenever I am marketing my business online.​ Your marketing efforts will get better results once you implement these LESSONS.​

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