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VAR incorrectly believed that Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal had been awarded on-field

VAR incorrectly believed that Luis Diaz's disallowed goal had been awarded on-field

The match between Tottenham and Liverpool was shrouded in controversy because of a disallowed goal by Luis Diaz that should have stood. The VAR incorrectly believed that Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal had been awarded on-field.

Controversy is rife in the Premier League. In this week’s match between Tottenham and Liverpool, the Reds had a goal disallowed that should have stood.

Luis Diaz was the man who saw his goal disallowed, despite being well positioned. In fact, the error, which the Premier League assumed after the match, occurred due to a misunderstanding between the referee and the VAR.

The VAR incorrectly believed that Luis Diaz‘s disallowed goal had been awarded on-field. In other words, the officials in the VAR room believed that the referee was only checking to see if the Colombian was offside, and not to confirm that he was.

That is the explanation given by ESPN’s Dale Johnson as to why a goal that should have stood as a valid goal was disallowed on the basis of the VAR images.

The consequences have not been long in coming. Darren England, the man in charge of the VAR, was to be the fourth official at Nottingham Forest-Brentford; while Dan Cook, his assistant, was also to be the assistant at Chelsea Fulham. The Premier League has decided to drop them from the matches.




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