Voices Of Fear In Entrepreneurship by Samuel Kwame Boadu

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Voices Of Fear: Fear can be extraordinarily crippling and is often the Achilles heel for many entrepreneurs.
Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs, the overwhelming feeling of stepping outside their comfort zone is just too much to bear and stops them from achieving success. If you want to obtain success in your entrepreneurial journey, you have to face your fears.
These tips i used in starting SamBoad Business Group will help you to overcome the fears that are holding you back from success in your entrepreneurial journey
Identify Your Fears
The first step to overcoming your fear is to identify your fears, as well as your goals. When you know exactly what it is you want to accomplish, as well as what you don’t want, it allows you to stay focused on pursuing your goals. Knowing your fears helps to prepare you for any challenges that you may face, allowing you to come up with a solid plan for overcoming them.
Think Positively
It is a well-known fact that when you nurture positive thoughts in every aspect of your life, you are better able to attract success, abundance, and prosperity. This is what is known as the law of attraction. To keep fear at bay, you have to make your positive thoughts dominate the negative ones. You can do this by reciting daily, positive affirmations.
Start Small
Your fears will come in many different shapes and sizes. Not every fear that you face will be significant. However, even the smallest of your fears can break you into a thousand pieces. For you to be able to fight your bigger goals, it is important to take smaller steps and keep moving forward. It’s the same idea for breaking up larger goals into smaller, more manageable tasks. Starting small can help you to reduce your fear, and it forces you to take action rather than running from your fears.
Do not dwell on Scarcity
People who tend to quit when things get tough are usually dwelling on scarcity. They accept what little they have and avoid trying harder to accomplish what they want in life. While it is essential to be happy with what you have, you should never dwell on what you don’t have.
Facing your voices of fear is never an easy process, but it is necessary if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Use these tips in your daily life, and you’ll quickly find that you are able to face all your fears and achieve the success you desire as an entrepreneur.
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