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Warrior King Watches announces Gifty Oware-Mensah as its newest global brand ambassador

Gifty Oware-Mensah

From award-winning activist, women sports enthusiasts, Warrior King Watches is known to only select the brightest and best to be its global ambassadors — and with the latest illustrious name to sign up, Gifty Oware-Mensah and Berry Ladies Football Club, once again really hits the jackpot.

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Patrick Amofah, the renowned Ghanaian watch manufacturer, has recently named Mrs. Gifty Oware-Mensah and Berry Ladies Football Club as its newest global brand ambassador, a move that promises to strengthen the brand’s positioning in the luxury watch market in Africa

Gifty Oware-Mensah, a prolific and highly respected personality, is known for her outstanding contributions to the sports industry, as well as her work as an activist and an entrepreneur. If you think the list ends there, you’re wrong. To add on, she has been a watch enthusiast from an early age, and her passion for watches led her to appreciate the high level of craftsmanship, design, and function in Patrick Amofah’s Warrior King Watches — a woman who truly has no limits.


Warrior King Watches announces Gifty Oware-Mensah as its newest global brand ambassador Warrior King Watches announces Gifty Oware-Mensah as its newest global brand ambassador


As brand ambassadors, Gifty Oware-Mensah and Berry Ladies Football Club will help promote and expand the reach of Warrior King products, while also bringing our unique style and artistic vision to the brand. Gifty’s innate sense of style, which has been recognized by Ghana Football Fraternity, is a perfect match for the brand’s values and style.

In their latest venture, they have unveiled a bespoke 18K solid gold watch, a testament to their unwavering commitment to artistry and innovation. This exceptional timepiece, adorned with the 3D logo of Berry Ladies FC, not only pays homage to the team’s spirit of sportsmanship but also marks a significant milestone in the life of Mrs. Gifty Oware-Mensah, coinciding with her 2nd wedding anniversary.

At its heart, this masterpiece is the 18K solid gold watch itself. Its dial proudly showcases the intricate 3D logo of Berry Ladies FC, coupled with Mrs. Mensah’s name, revealing a level of detail that transcends mere functionality to become a veritable work of art. It serves as a tangible embodiment of the passion and dedication that Berry Ladies FC and their owners represents.


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What sets this luxury watch apart is not just its personalization but also the precision of its Swiss V8 movements. It’s more than a timepiece; it’s Mrs. Mensah’s tailored masterpiece, reflecting her identity. The sapphire crystal symbolizes unwavering commitment to quality, enhancing both clarity and durability. With an impressive water resistance rating of 165 feet, it seamlessly combines elegance with resilience.

However, the enchantment of this collaboration extends far beyond the watch itself, reaching into the meticulously crafted collector’s box. Measuring 45cm x 20cm, it exudes luxury and durability with its Medium-Density Fiberboard construction. Inside, the box features a sumptuous red suede lining and gold hinges, creating a sensory experience that complements the watch’s grandeur. The contrast between the solid gold timepiece and plush interior offers both tactile and visual pleasure. The glossy finish and silhouette image of Mrs. Gifty Oware-Mensah add a personal touch, making the unboxing a spectacle.




Notably, the collector’s box includes four distinct straps made from crocodile skin leather, offering versatility and enhancing the overall luxury of the package. These straps allow Mrs. Oware-Mensah to tailor her timepiece to suit various occasions, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the watch.

To heighten the exclusivity of this package, an authenticity certificate accompanies the watch, serving as a testament to the genuine nature of the 18K solid gold timepiece and guaranteeing its authenticity. This certificate underscores Warrior King Watches’ steadfast commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Upon receiving this bespoke timepiece, Gifty Oware-Mensah’s reaction was immediate and heartfelt. She exclaimed, “Wow!” and expressed her immense pride in owning a Warrior King watch, viewing it as not just a timepiece but a symbol of her Ghanaian identity, complete with the heritage symbol of Ghana’s Black Star Gate behind the timepiece. She eloquently stated, “Now, when I say I am Ghanaian, I am not just Ghanaian by birth. I am Ghanaian by the things that I even wear.”


Warrior King Watches announces Gifty Oware-Mensah as its newest global brand ambassador WhatsApp Image 2023 10 04 at 3.26.32 PM


This declaration encapsulates not only her pride in her Ghanaian heritage but also her profound faith in the craftsmanship synonymous with Ghanaian watchmaking. Her luxury watch stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail, echoing the heartbeat of a nation that proudly wears its history.

Gifty Oware-Mensah’s passionate endorsement has paved the way for a significant partnership between Warrior King Watches and Berry Ladies FC. As part of this collaboration, Warrior King will create exclusive watches for the football club, becoming an integral part of Berry Ladies FC’s merchandise collection. This partnership goes beyond timekeeping; it is a celebration of passion, artistry, and the enduring legacy of the beautiful game, all while proudly promoting the creation of made-in-Ghana creative products.


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