What it feels like to be on the Ladder of Success: The Rise and Fall

What it feels like to be on the Ladder of Success
written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
There is no quick way to success but yet success loves speed. This get rich quick syndrome has made a lot  of people lose hope and focus in ventures that would have been a life changing one for them. No human born today starts to leap and walk the very next day. It takes time and effort. Most successful people did not start by engaging in wishful thinking, because truth be told, that would not get you anywhere. There is always a process to life and success
Why do you think the ladder of success has only but a few persons at the top? These are the ones who never gave up, who were able to keep their focus on the prize and plunge forward amidst the people beneath and around them, trying to pull them down. To succeed is to have a renewed and transformed mind, because it’s not about the money you earn, but about the person you are becoming while you earn it.
Zig Ziglar said “you cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure”. You have to see yourself as an achiever, as a goal getter, as a successful person, and that’s the drive that will compel you to start, and will guide you through the process. So my dear friends, if you have decided on a path you want to take to success, always ensure you learn the processes involved in following that path. Be it Photography, fashion design, Catering, Events and planning, Digital marketing, Mini importation, White collar jobs, Public speaking and so much more, there is always a process.
When you wake up from your slumber and do the needful with each proven step you take, you’ll get closer to your target and eventually achieve your goal.
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