REQUIRED : The way I switch from introversion to extroversion when the occasion calls for it amazes me. I love my company, SamBoad Business Group Limited. I enjoy being alone. I dread meeting new people or going to social functions but when I have to, I automatically make a switch to doing what I got to do. When I meet people, my primary goal is to make them comfortable so I push myself to talk, to make funny remarks and engage in activities that are way outside my comfort zone. This is why I dread calls and even the chats that I prefer, I get easily overwhelmed especially when the person on the other end wants to prolong the chat(except of course, you are my personal person).
However, purpose has made it that the quiet life I wanted is only an illusion. So, whenever I attend a social function or have to show up online, you’ll barely know that I am a loner. No, I am not that person who would go round the room, meeting everyone and making friends but I try to not be the boring one.
What is the purpose for this article?
I learned this from reading the Bible, i love to ask questions when i read the good book, challenge my understanding and question the God in me and when my conscience was questioned about Cain and Abel, i had whole different perspective from what we’re used to, about Cain not giving his best crops and all.
Abel was a shepherd. Cain was a farmer. But here’s the thing: They were to sacrifice to God who requires blood. Generally, deities require blood. Going by this? Who has an advantage? Cain the farmer or Abel the shepherd? Abel of course! Cain and Abel both offered what they had but Abel’s offering was what was required. If Cain knew that God required blood, he would have sacrificed what was required by trading his crops for one of Abel’s choicest animals.
How does this apply to us?
We all have our goals and aspirations. To achieve those goals, there are some actions that need to be taken.
For these actions, there are skills that are needed. For some people, these skills come naturally to them. For others, they don’t. So what do they do? They ACQUIRE THE SKILLS BECAUSE THEY ARE REQUIRED.
I know that for me to make the impact that I want, I need to do WHAT IS REQUIRED, not just what I can.
After getting enough knowledge, the spirit of God said, “Doing your best is not enough. Do what is required.” You are blessed if you are an Abel. That is, what is required for your journey is what you already have. If you are a Cain, you will need to go out of your comfort zone and acquire those skills that are required for your journey.
Your personality is not an excuse. You can be introverted and still be a great public speaker. You might have interest just in arts but you can still be very good at tech because you know that you need that knowledge to push your work and be sustainable on the long run. You don’t tell the tide what direction to go but you can learn to ride it.
In conclusion,
If your natural tendencies are not enough for where you are headed, acquire the required “artificial” tendencies and soon, they will become natural to you… or not.????But you get what you want. Isn’t that the goal?????‍♀️ Who do you want to be? What is required to become that person?
It is required to invest with SamBoad Business Group Limited…

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