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You Need PIG! If you want to be financially Stable. What are PIGS?

You need PIG
You Need PIG and No! It’s not what you are thinking, absolutely not Pork. PIG is an acronym for Passive Income Generator (PIG). These are products and services that go on selling with little or no extra work on your path. No wonder people struggle so hard to buy lands build on them and rent them out. When you pay house/ shop rent to landowners they earn passively, their houses are PIGS to them.
Who wouldn’t want to work less and make more money even while sleeping or on vacation, who?  Look at your life, skill, expertise or business and think deep, what products or services are people in need of, that I can create that will continue to generate income even in my absence? Are you into Law?
Health, ministry, coaching, food industry, hair line or any industry at all, look out for clients, patients or customers problem and create a PIG around it.
????BOOKs are one of such products that continue to sell and produce income, for years, especially EBOOKs, they do not run out of stock, just one ebook document can be shared(sold) over and over.
Build and keep Building. PS: Do you have ideas on other PIG’S? please Suggest in the comment section, it will be of great help.

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