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While at the university, I did a particular business. I sold All Network Credit and Data. I would buy in bulk and sell in bits. I was making money, cool money. I was initially doing the business with a friend of mine. He was directing some customers to me while he collected his commissions
This made me make more money than I used to. My customer base was steadily increasing. I was happy about it. But something was wrong. My ego was taking the better side of me. I was getting more proud by the day. I regarded my customers less important. I thought I was doing them a favor not knowing they were the ones doing the favour.mThen one day, I decided to go solo. I wanted to do the business alone( this was also due to some complications). I believed I had all it takes. But little did I do, I was just about to learn some vital lessons in life.
My customer base began to drop. I used to sell data and recharge credit to about 40 people per week. It drastically reduced to 20 within 3weeks.
I did not make my customer feel important. I did not make them feel relaxed and comfortable buying from me. All I wanted was to get their money and send them the data or recharge credit. Hence, it was easy for them to go back to the person they were comfortable with. Having understood this, I now had to start building better relationships with the ones I had. And guess what? I began to have my own customers, those who were loyal to me. Now as a social media marketer and consultant, my first aim when I get a new client is not to collect his/her money, but to make them feel important. I want to make them feel relaxed while working with me. It’s not a must that your work should satisfy all your customers, but the manner in which you approach them is a level of satisfaction on its own.
I hope you learnt something. Let me know if you did?

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