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Business you can start with 100 cedis

What Business you can start with 100 cedis in Ghana?

Many young people in Ghana find it hard to get jobs because they lack the necessary certification and experience needed for the job. Entrepreneurship ends up being the only way out to help solve this problem. However, starting a business in Ghana can be hectic at times due to the fact that getting capital for your business can be difficult and may even seem impossible.

To obtain a business loan from a bank, the business needs to be active and already earning money. This makes it impossible for individuals who are trying to start a business in the country.

Did you know there are several businesses you can start in Ghana with little to no capital? Yes, you can start a successful business with a small amount of money and still manage to scale it up to make six figures and more. In this article, we list 30 businesses you can start with only 100 cedis in Ghana.

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In this post, I’m going to list down all 30 business ideas you can start without breaking the bank. Without further ado, here are 30 businesses you can start with only 100 cedis in Ghana.

  1. Gari production business
  2. Farming
  3. Poultry business
  4. Sobolo Drink business (Roselle juice)
  5. Ice kenkey business
  6. Popcorn business
  7. Pure water sachet business (buy and resell)
  8. Start selling Fruits
  9. MTN/Momo Vendor business
  10. Plantain chips business
  11. Fresh Fruit juice business
  12. Roasted plantain and groundnut business
  13. Coconut business
  14. Soft drinks resell business
  15. Resell clothes
  16. Phone repair business
  17. Social media manager business
  18. Start a blog
  19. Start a Youtube channel
  20. Start Freelancing online/offline
  21. Web design business
  22. Face & Body scrub business
  23. Hair growth products business
  24. Tom brown cereal business
  25. Groundnut paste
  26. Pet grooming
  27. Bofrot (Puff-puff) business
  28. Kebab business
  29. Home tutoring business

Starting a business in Ghana couldn’t be any easier. There are several businesses you can start in Ghana with little to no capital. The above list consists of 25+ businesses you can start with only 100 cedis in Ghana.



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