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Gerard Pique has no money problems

Gerard Pique has no money problems

The former Barça player and founder of the Kings League has said that the fact that he has become rich through football means that his investments are made for fun rather than for profit.

Former Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique, founder of the Kings League 7-a-side football competition with Ibai Llanos, said on Tuesday that he had been “lucky” enough to earn a “very good” living and that with his current investments in the world of sport, hotels and technology, he was only looking to “have fun”.

“A lot of people invest to earn a living, but I do it to have fun. I’m trying to earn money, but that’s not the aim,” said Pique during his participation in an investment meeting organised by ‘SUR’ in Malaga.

The former Barca player, who makes his sports investments through the company Kosmos, said that this situation gave him the freedom to think of new projects and to be “very disruptive”, as is the case with the Kings League, a new football tournament that has its own rules, is broadcast free of charge on the Twitch platform and is taking young people by storm.

Pique encouraged those present to take risks, even if they sometimes fail, and to try, like him, to “do new things” so that when people see them, “their heads explode”.

“I think the Kings League is an excellent example and, from there, get ready, because there are other things to come,” said Pique, who would not reveal what other “very powerful” project he was working on and planned to present in the coming weeks.



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