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Ghana: Great things to do and see in The Bono Region Of Ghana

Great things to do and see in The Bono Region Of Ghana

The Bono region prides itself as the cleanest capital city and one of Ghana’s best tourist attractions. Indeed, the Bono region is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, containing different impressive landmarks and showcasing rich cultural practices admired by people of different ethnic groups in the world.

Ask anyone that knows Ghana too well; you will discover what is waiting for you in the incredible weathered region. The Bono region has a lot of great tourist sites that captivate both the eyes and the minds of every visitor.  Let me walk you through the beautiful area in a few minutes without much ado.

Best Tourist Attractions in The Bono Region of Ghana

Nchiraa water falls Brong Ahafo regionNchiraa Waterfalls

Lying between the beautiful mountains of the Nchiraa Settlement, the Nchiraa Waterfalls provides the tourists with a feel of natural glamour with unlimited fun options. It offers you an opportunity to go on a hiking adventure on a challenging, rocky footpath that leads you straight to the waterfalls.

There’s something more special about this region. It is surrounded by several cultural and natural tourism destinations, which are just about 10 kilometers away. Little wonder tourists are always excited to find their way down there.

Among the surrounding natural tourist attractions is the Wurobo Ancestral Caves, about 8 kilometers from the Nchiraa Settlement. The indigenes of the Bono region claim that these caves were the original dwelling place of the old Nchiraa people.

Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary brong ahafoBoabeng Fiema and Duasidan Monkey Sanctuaries

These impressive monkey sanctuaries offer lots of fun and wildlife education to tourists. You will find them in the southwest of Dormaa Ahenkro. The Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary contains the rarest breed of monkeys, including the Mona monkeys. If you want to know much about how monkeys live their daily lives in a natural environment, this monkey sanctuary is one of your best destinations. Whilst the Boabeng Fiema which is slightly more established sanctuary is which host over 700 monkeys, in a natural environment.

Naturally, monkeys are very friendly and entertaining. They are the ones first to welcome you to the forest-like abode. You don’t have to worry about the scorching sun in the dry season; the strong bamboo trees are your reliable canopies and your resting ground when you are tired of walking.

The Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary offers you nothing short of sensational sights as you get to see how the monkeys nurse their babies, hustle for food, play together, and relax at leisure.

Bia National Park Brong AhafoBui National Park

Here is another park endowed with different species of animals. It contains many antelope and different varieties of birds. When visiting this beautiful tourist center, you can enjoy a blissful cruise on the Black Volta River to and through the park. Among the exciting things to watch in the park is the Bui Dam, lying in the valley of the Banda Mountains. The dam improves Ghana’s energy supply.

Nwosae Ostrich farmNwoase Ostrich Farm

Would you give up the opportunity to watch the giant bird on earth? I don’t think so. -This farm is a haven for Ostriches, and it has always attracted many visitors who long to see the long neck, legs, and the two wood-like toes on the foot of ostriches. If you love nature, you will enjoy every bit of your stay on the farm.

Kwafie festivalFestivals

The Bono region is very rich in culture and traditions. There are several interesting cultural practices, including traditional festivals in which you can participate and enjoy the whole fun.

One of the most celebrated festivals in this region is Kwafie celebrated Berekun, Dormaa, and Nsoatre people. This festival usually comes up around November, December, and January. So, if you would like to see the glamour, you will have to be sure you visit within those three months.



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