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Ghana Language Twi

What is the Ghana language?

The most common language spoken in Ghana is Akan. Ghana has several languages spoken by the Ghanaian people. Do you want to know the different dialects in Ghana? Then keep reading to find out! Listed below are the main languages of Ghana. Learn the difference between Akan, Ga, Dagbani, Ewe, and Nzema! …and much more.

Ghana has over 80 languages spoken across the country. Only about 11 of these languages are classified as government-sponsored languages. These are; Akan ethnic languages (Akuapem Twi, Asante Twi and Fante) and two Mole-Dagbani ethnic languages (Dagaare and Dagbanli). The others include Ewe, Dangme, Ga, Nzema, Gonja, and Kasem.

In this article, we’ll be listing the most popular languages in Ghana.

Akan Language

Fante, Asante Twi, and Akwapim Twi are the three most widely spoken and mutually understood Akan languages. The Asante Twi language is widely spoken. When it comes to Ghana’s native tongues, Akan is by far the most common and commonly utilized.

The Akan people of Ghana speak Akan, a Central Tano language, across the majority of the country’s southern half. It is estimated that 44% of the population of Ghana is fluent in Akan.
Côte d’Ivoire is another country where it is spoken.


While English is spoken almost everywhere in Accra, its native Ga language is spoken by several people in the country’s capital. Ghanaians, especially those living in and around Accra, speak Ga, a Kwa language. Togo, Benin, and Western Nigeria also have some native speakers.


The people of Ghana’s Volta region speak the language of Ewe. It belongs to a group of related languages called the Gbe languages. The major Gbe language is Fon and it is also spoken in Benin and Togo. However, despite its widespread use, there is no definitive definition of the language. Many Voltarians in Ghana speak Ewe, for the most part.


The Dagbani, also known as Dagbanli or Dagbanle in Ghana, is an African language. It is spoken in the Northern part of Ghana and Togo. The Dagbani language in Ghana is also a compulsory subject at primary schools in the northern part of the country.


The Nzema people of southwestern Ghana and eastern Ivory Coast speak Nzema, a Central Tano language also known as Nzima or Appolo. It is closely connected to Baoulé and shares some intelligibility with Jwira-Pepesa.


The language Hausa is the main lingua franca of northern Nigeria and Ghana. It is the primary language of the majority of the Muslim population in these countries. Though there is no unified Hausa dialect, the language has several distinguishing features.

Rank Language Speakers
1 English 9,800,000
2 Akan (Fante/Twi) 9,100,000
3 Ghanaian Pidgin English 5,000,000
4 Ewe Dialects of Ɛve include Aŋlo, Tɔŋu, Vɛdomɛ,Gbi, Krepi, among others) 3,820,000
5 Abron 1,170,000
6 Dagbani 3,160,000
7 Dangme 1,020,000
8 Dagaare 924,000
9 Konkomba 831,000
10 Ga 745,000
11 Farefare 638,000
12 Kusaal 535,000
13 Mampruli 316,000
14 Gonja 310,000
15 Sehwi 305,000
16 Nzema 299,000
17 Wasa 273,000
18 Sisaala, Tumulung 219,000
19 Sisaala, Western 219,000
20 Bimoba 176,000
21 Ahanta 175,000
22 Ntcham 169,000
23 Buli 168,000
24 Bisa 166,000
25 Kasem 149,000
26 Tem 134,000
27 Cherepon 132,000
28 Birifor, Southern 125,000
29 Anufo 91,300
30 Wali 84,800
31 Larteh 74,000
32 Siwu 71,900
33 Chumburung 69,000
34 Anyin 66,400
35 Nafaanra 61,000
36 Krache 58,000
37 Lelemi 48,900
38 Deg 42,900
39 Paasaal 36,000
40 Kabre, (language kabre) 35,642
41 Avatime 27,200
42 Kulango, Bondoukou 27,000
43 Sekpele 23,000
44 Delo 18,400
45 Jwira-Pepesa 18,000
46 Gua 17,600
47 Tampulma 16,000
48 Kulango, Bouna 15,500
49 Ligbi 15,000
50 Nawuri 14,000
51 Vagla 13,900
52 Tuwuli 11,400
53 Selee 11,300
54 Adele 11,000
55 Nkonya 11,000
56 Gikyode 10,400
57 Dwang 8,200
58 Akposo 7,500
59 Logba 7,500
60 Nkami 7,000
61 Hanga 6,800
62 Nyangbo 6,400
63 Chakali 6,000
64 Ghanaian Sign Language 6,000
65 Safaliba 5,000
66 Tafi 4,400
67 Fulfulde, Maasina 4,240
68 Adangbe/Dangbe 4,000
69 Konni 3,800
70 Adamorobe Sigh Language 3,500
71 Chala 3,000
72 Kamara 3,000
73 Kantosi 2,300
74 Kusuntu 2,100
75 Nchumbulu 1,800
76 Kplang 1,600
77 Dompo 970
78 Animere 700
79 French
80 Hausa
81 Lama
82 Nawdm

Do Ghanaians Speak English?

Ghana was a British Crown colony on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa from 1821 until its independence in 1957. Due to this, most Ghanaians speak English and The English language is also a compulsory subject at schools in the country.



Ghana Colonization: British, Portuguese, Gold Coast, Elmina


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