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Man Utd’s Onana backs Garnacho after his IG post with two monkey emojis

Man Utd's Onana backs Garnacho after his IG post with two monkey emojis

Alejandro Garnacho, immediately after Manchester United-Copenhagen, posted an image of goalkeeper André Onana with several team-mates to which he added two gorilla emojis. There was a lot of criticism, and the post was deleted, but the FA may well step in and sanction him. The goalkeeper reacted to the news and defended the Argentinian.

Manchester United’s Alejandro Garnacho is being investigated by the Football Association over a photo about team-mate Andre Onana that the Argentine posted after the Manchester United v Copenhagen match in which the goalkeeper saved his team’s penalty.

Garnacho added two gorilla emojis to the photo showing the whole team celebrating the penalty with the goalkeeper. The Red Devils player was forced to delete it after receiving a lot of criticism in the comments on the post.

However, the FA could go in to sanction him on its own initiative. As reported by the Manchester Evening News, the FA does not tolerate this type of act, let alone racist ones, and there is a possibility that he could be punished.

People cannot choose what I should be offended by. I know exactly what Garnacho meantpower and strength. This matter should go no further,” Onana wrote on Instagram.

Manchester City Bernardo Silva was banned in 2019 for one game and fined £50,000 after an Football Association commission accepted he “did not intend” a tweet about French team-mate Benjamin Mendy to be “racist”.

It is not necessary to go very far to remember the ‘Cavani case‘. The Uruguayan, when he was playing for Manchester Unitedwas sanctioned after responding in an affectionate tone to a friend’s comment in an Instagram ‘storie’: “Gracias, negrito”. In England he was considered racist and missed three matches, as well as having to pay financial fine.


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