Profitable Business Ideas for ladies in Ghana and Nigeria

Profitable Business Ideas for ladies in Ghana and Nigeria

Profitable Business Ideas for ladies

  1. Bakery Business
  2. Event and wedding planner business
  3. Interior Designing business
  4. Salon business
  5. Start selling food
  6. Grocery shop business
  7. Start a breakfast/coffee shop
  8. Open a nails shop
  9. Become a makeup artist
  10. Make and Sell wigs
  11. Start a mini poultry business
  12. Open a daycare
  13. Clothing Boutique business
  14. Sell women underwear and lingerie
  15. Start a cooking youtube channel
  16. Start a makeup blog
  17. Open a bookstore
  18. Start a sewing business
  19. Become a mobile money vendor
  20. Make bags with local items
  21. Start a jewelry business.
  22. design and make slippers
  23. Start a graphic design business
  24. Become a freelance writer.
  25. Start trading forex.
  26. Become a Real estate agent
  27. Cook for events
  28. Sell pastries.
  29. Open a mini spa and foot massage shop
  30. Start a cleaning business.
  31. Become a dance trainer
  32. Sell weight loss products for women.
  33. Open a wine shop
  34. Sell gifts and hampers.
  35. Floristry (Start a flower delivery business)

Profitable Business Ideas: Did you know that Ghana and Nigeria are amongst the list of countries in the world with the most female business owners? with the list above, you can get profitable business ideas to start in Ghana, Nigeria, or any part of Africa.

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