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You’ll soon pay OpenAI, plans for ChatGPT subscription tier brew

Why OpenAI will charge for priority access to ChatGPT

OpenAI may charge you in the near future as the popular company finds ways to monetize its popularity.

OpenAI which quickly gained popularity since November has been looking for ways to monetize its popularity by working on a new business subscription tier targeting companies and professionals.

The company launched ChatGPT Plus subscription around February this year as it looked for better ways to cash in on its apparent notoriety.

Charging $20 for its ChatGPTPlus subscription, the company plans to find more ways to cover generative costs when it comes down to prompts.

The incoming subscription tier aimed at businesses, including professionals will accommodate those who seek to manage their end users.

This means the business subscription side will work differently to how ChatGPT works.

While running a prompt from a user may cost just a few cents, its the compounding cost that the company is contending with.

Different ways to monetize the service are exactly how OpenAI plan to migrate better if not more cash invested terrain.

Microsoft quickly brokered a deal with the firm, which translated to the launch of Bing, an AI edge that Microsoft has to compete with the likes of Google.

On the business side, API data usage policies will operate differently, meaning end user data will not be used to train the chatbot.

“We are also working on a new ChatGPT Business subscription for professionals who need more control over their data as well as enterprises seeking to manage their end users. ChatGPT Business will follow our API’s data usage policies, which means that end users’ data won’t be used to train our models by default. We plan to make ChatGPT Business available in the coming months,” the company said in their blog.

A new export option will allow users a seamless export process, alongside a file with all conversations and data in an email.



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