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5 Career Tips For Fresh Graduates

5 Career Tips For Fresh Graduates

The world of work each year, welcome fresh graduates and finding your first job immediately after university can be stressful.

However, with some research, career advice and preparation, you can get yourself equipped to succeed and get your first job.

Here are 5 tips to guide you as you get ready for the world of work.

1. Have a Career Plan

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Thinking about your career in a bigger picture can be an intimidating task. We encourage you to take things one step at a time to figure out what can consistently help you develop or manage your learning progression and career.  Having to pursue your education in a field that relates to your job is one of the smartest decisions you could possibly make for your future as it reduces your risk of making impulsive detrimental decisions and rather propel you in your chosen career field.

2. Get Yourself An Industry Standard CV

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The world of work is changing. Employers are looking for something new and exciting. Employers do not have time to read and filter through chaff and irrelevant information on your cv.  Make sure you have the best CV to secure you your dream job.

SamBoad offers CV rewrite services for jobseekers, to provide them with top notch and industry standard CVs to accelerate your chance of finding a job for a small fee.

3. Seek Out Employment with a Reputable Company

You are done with school and are about to start a whole new world that is different. Don’t freak out when that time comes. Finding a new job may be daunting and stressful for a fresh graduate. There are many fraudulent people who seek to exploit and abuse jobseekers. This leads to anxiety and fear in the minds of jobseekers. One of the best ways to get connected to your dream job is to join free job portals like Samuel Kwame Boadu’s Telegram Channel

Over the years, Samuel Kwame Boadu has connected a number of fresh graduates to their dream jobs. All you need to do is to join his Telegram Channel and then click on notification to get alert on his postings

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Embrace your newbie status by being productive at work, having a positive energy, embracing their culture, and establishing a strong work ethic. By doing this, you will quickly set yourself apart from your colleagues and be seen as a “go-getter”. Your superiors will see you as a breath of fresh air and be a welcomed addition to your team.

5. Seek Out Expert Advice

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Career growth is very important in everyone’s lives. It is an inherent need we all have to progress in all we do. It is quite unfortunate that jobseekers and new recruits go into their new jobs blind and without much direction and thought. It is important for jobseekers to have mentors and trusted partners to guide them through these times.


Author Credit: Bernice Acquah



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