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FACEBOOK: People can tag you on their post but not all should reflect on your timeline, especially when you are a purpose driven fellow.

I love my friends and it is always an honour to be tagged on their post.

If you are my friend on facebook, you will observe that any post you tag me on I will for sure react on it. If i didn’t then maybe I didn’t see it.????

EXCEPT there is no value or decent humour in what you posted that’s the only time I won’t react to it and it doesn’t mean we aren’t friends any longer.

What am I trying to say?
People can tag you on their post but not all should reflect on your timeline, especially when you are a purpose driven fellow.

For instance you on facebook to advertise cakes, buns, meat pie you bake so that interested customer will place their order with you.

But your timeline is flooded with pictures of Celine deion, batman, advert of klin, comedy videos, your pastor’s pictures and all the tags from your village people.????

How can your existing customers and new ones see your work and place their order?

They will believe you changed profession or you are not serious. This applies to writers, entrepreneurs, preachers of the gospel, coach, musicians, tailors, make-up artists etc.

Question : How do I go about it?
Go to your facebook settings , from there you proceed to timeline settings, go to timeline review and set it in a way that you’ll review what reflects on your timeline before they reflect.

You timeline is the CV your clients read, it’s the book your friends, fans, new friends, Mentees, family and enemies read. Try to make a neat and wonderful book out of it.

I share people’s post and allow people’s post on my timeline but not all. If I didn’t allow a particular post on my timeline, it doesn’t mean such person is not making sense.

Facebook Tag Timeline

I share post and allow posts on my timeline as it resonates with my values and what I represent.

NB: This post is those who are on this platform for a purpose not for everyone. You still have the right to choose how your timeline should look.

Also you can untag yourself from posts that you don’t want to be tagged to, you just tap on the three dots on the post, you were tagged on and then remove tags and the post automatically disappear from your timeline.

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