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Evangelly Tetteh Quit Her Corporate Job To Sell Street Food

Evangelly Tetteh

Evangelly Tetteh, Ghana Institute of Journalism Alumnus grew up helping her mother sell gari with beans popularly known as ‘gob3’. When times got tough, she had to single handedly care for her siblings. Although a journalist by profession, she eventually parted ways with that and started her own business, a decision she is very proud of.

For many university educated people, abandoning a corporate job to venture into selling street food to make extra money would take a lot but Evangelly knew what was at stake and had to get things running for her.

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As the first born, losing her mother and father meant she had to step in and care for her younger siblings and that required good money which she knew her part-time journalism job would not make that possible.

“Depending on my corporate job was not enough. I had been exposed to the ‘gob3’ business because I used to sell with my mother after Junior High School and I’m actually good at it so I just decided to give it a shot”, she said

Getting a venue for her gari and beans (‘gob3’) business

Being a part-time corporate worker who was on a night shift meant she had her day times to herself and to Evangelly, that was an opportunity to get her business idea rolling

Customers at Evangellys gob3 joint Photo credit ojs kitchenInstagram Source Instagram

She made a few calls and thankfully got a place she could set up her business.

“I told a cousin of mine that I’m looking for a place to set up a beans business and he told me of the availability of the place we currently are and I started from there”



Evangelly shared that she has been selling at the same location for three years, growing her business using social media 

Evangelly Tetteh
Flyer for Evangelly’s business Photo credit: ojs_kitchen/Instagram Source: Instagram

Social media as a marketing tool came in very handy for the food vendor and to Evangelly, her education played a huge role in that.

“My education has helped me know how to use social media as a marketing tool and that has contributed to my success. These days, a lot of people do not have time to walk all the way to food joints to buy food hence putting out business out there gives them access to it”

Being a corporate work also helped Evangelly understand the fact that workers have little windows during a work day for lunch hence most of them prefer getting their food delivered to them which social media comes to play.

The young business woman believes giving an online presence to her business is a huge contributing factor to the success of her business.

“My business has been thriving and I must say I make way more than I was earning as a corporate worker.” Evangelly was uncomfortable disclosing the average earnings she makes from her business with YEN but she revealed that in a day they are able to get over 50 orders.

The young ‘gob3’ seller also stated that her education has afforded her the ability to communicate properly and in the right manner with her customers.

“Dealing with people is not easy and thanks to my education I’ve acquired the necessary communication skills and the patience to manage the clients”, she added.

Proudest moments as a gari and beans (‘gob3’) seller after quitting journalism

Evangelly Tetteh
Evangelly in an interview with YEN Photo credit: Source: UGC

When it comes to things Evangelly is proud of, two things come to her mind; taking her siblings through school and creating jobs for others.

“My main goal for starting the business was to take up the responsibility of taking care for my siblings and today, one has successfully graduated from the university and another one will be completing Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) next year and this made me proud.

Also, being in a capacity where I’m able to employ people and impact their lives is something very fulfilling.”

Evangelly revealed that she currently has four workers and one of her siblings help manage another branch of her business in a different location.

Advise for unemployed graduates seeking government roles Graduates who hope to be gainfully employed were encouraged by Evangelly to consider starting their own businesses which would serve them better in the near future.

“Starting my own business has helped me in so many ways and so the best advise I’d give anybody is to come up with something they can call their own”, she told YEN gh.

She added that all it takes is for the individual to identify what they thrive at and learn ways to improve on it and also take advantage of social media as a marketing tool.

Source: YEN GH


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