How to set your Priorities Right to help your breakthrough | A life lesson

One thing I have noticed and I think that is a norm for some people is the lack of setting their priorities right. Anyhow you wish to analyse this is fine, but I would want you to picture this. If you were sick and you walked into a Pharmacy to get a drug, and you were asked to pay a particular amount of money, you wouldn’t decide NOT to buy since at that moment, what mattered to you was regaining your health. That is your topmost priority.
It will be insane to use the money for your drugs to go shopping or spend on some bottles of wine. That is pure insanity. This also applies to your career and business. If you feel that you need something, it should top your list of priorities. If they are more than one, it should be arranged using the Scale of Preference model. If you studied Economics as a subject, you will understand that there is what we call NEED and WANT. The former is something you need for survival while the latter is something you need to spice your standard of living (Note that this explanation is restricted to this context before some students will take it verbatim to their exam scripts. Serious failing oo ????).
This means that you can have more than one NEED. All you have to do in such a situation is to arrange them according to their order of importance. So, what comes after each need is truly important at that moment. The same applies to your life and business. There are a lot of things you want to achieve but you cannot get those things if you do not set your priorities right. One question you should ask yourself is: What do you need now and how can you get it?
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This is why i once posited on my twitter space that before you complain that something is costly, bear in mind two things:
• It might be that you cannot afford it at the moment (which is not a crime)
• It doesn’t top your priorities.
The people who truly need something do not go complaining about the cost. No! Instead, they take actionable steps to see how they can get that thing. When you are not serious about getting a thing, no matter the cost, you will still see it as not worth your money. When people say that “my promos or ad promotion or services at SamBoad are costly” instead of saying “I cannot afford them at the moment”, I correct them. The fact is that at that moment, you do not need those offers.
No sugarcoating!
If you truly need something, you will make plans to get it no matter the cost. A lot of people who keep buying my products and paying for my services at SamBoad are not doing so because they have all the money but because they truly NEED the knowledge. So, no offer is too costly. If you need something, the best way is to save for it and pay for what matters to you.
This way,  you are sure of setting your priorities right and sticking to them.
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written by Samuel Kwame Boadu

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