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How to start a popcorn business in Ghana and Nigeria

popcorn business

How to start a popcorn business in Ghana and Nigeria

Growing up, popcorn was the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word cinema. In Ghana, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa, popcorn isn’t consumed at only movie cinemas. It is one of the cheapest, healthiest snacks you can find in shops and supermarkets all around West Africa.

Individuals purchase snacks on the run every now and then, and popcorn is one of the most affordable snacks available. In this post, Samuel Kwame Boadu will be showing you how to start a popcorn business in Ghana and Nigeria, or any part of the world.

Starting a popcorn business doesn’t require a factory, expensive machines, or equipment. You can start your popcorn business with very little capital in Ghana or anywhere.

Why You Should Start a Popcorn Business

As mentioned earlier, starting a popcorn business doesn’t require purchasing expensive equipment or machines. You do not need a large staff or a factory to start producing popcorn. You can start this business right from your home.

In addition, this business has no gender discrimination and if you purchase the needed tools required for this business, the production process will be totally stress-free. Lastly starting this type of business can be extremely profitable when done right.

How to start a popcorn business

Follow the steps and guidelines below to start a successful popcorn business.

Develop a Business Plan

Having a business plan is crucial when conducting any type of business. Learn how to develop a business plan in less than 30 minutes with our simple guidelines. Outline some of the necessary details like funding source, marketing strategy, milestones, and goals to give you a clear picture of what to do and expect from your popcorn business.

Register your business

No matter the type of business you are conducting, You will need to get your business registered. In case you will be operating your popcorn business in Ghana, get it registered in Ghana. Learn how to register a business in Ghana with our simple step-by-step guidelines. Contact SamBoad for business registration.

Market Research

Prior to starting your popcorn business, it is important to undertake market research to know your target market, customers, and competitors. Search for successful popcorn businesses in your region, purchase their product if possible, learn about their pricing and quality of products.

Buy Ingredients and Popcorn Equipment

Gather the list of suppliers in and out of your city, analyze their cost and quality and select the best option. Purchase your popcorn machinery and equipment.

Packaging and Branding

After deciding on the type of popcorn you want to be making and selling, the next step will be to select your preferred branding and packaging. Buy wholesale popcorn boxes or plastics and get a graphic designer to design the perfect logo for your brand.

Business Location

Decide on where you want your business to be located. Do you want to run your business from home, in front of your gate, or perhaps you desire a more populated area to set up your shop? Select whichever option you feel might be right for you.

Get a Website for your business

Getting a website for your business is one of the most overlooked steps when it comes to starting a successful business. Websites are still needed and highly recommended when starting a profitable business. Not only can you take orders online, You can also be seen on google when anyone searches for your business. Contact SamBoad for business registration.

Popcorn Business Distribution Ideas

Below are a few list of places you can promote or sell your popcorn:

  • Restaurant and hotels
  • Religious places or fairs
  • Offices
  • School kids
  • Local stores
  • Retail outlets
  • Shopping malls, movie halls, and multiplexes
  • Sell over the Internet
  • People at Fairs and carnivals

Advertising your business is a must in order to be successful and profitable. Save huge on advertising when starting out. Simply contact us to place your banner or get your business featured on our website at a very affordable rate.



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