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Make money with TikTok’s Profile kit feature with LinkTree

Make money with TikTok’s Profile kit feature with LinkTree

Video surfing platform TikTok has introduced a TikTok Profile kit which will allow users to integrate their TikTok accounts to display their content on third party apps.

The short-form video sharing service has partnered with Linktree on the first profile kit integration.

The partnership will allow users to showcase their content directly on their Linktree page.

This will also allow other users using Linktree to navigate through your profile.

As part of TikTok expanding it’s advertising business, to bring more users to the app.

Partnering with third parties will allow creators an option to display up to six videos on another site.

Creator fans will be granted direct access from their Linktree accounts.

Not all users will have access to adding bio to their website links.

All business accounts have access to the functionality with users with over 1 000 followers on the platform able to unlock the feature.

How to add Linktree to TikTok profile

  • Copy your Linktree URL.
  • Sign into TikTok, and go to your profile page and click on edit profile.
  • If your TikTok profile has access to add a bio link, you’ll see a website field among all of the other options provided on the edit profile screen.
  • Remember users may have to unlock their TikTok profile to access some features or convert their profile into a business account for ease of access.

This is part of TikTok increasing it’s eco system across other platforms.

Focused View

TikTok hopes to engage and encourage audiences and has introduced Focused View.

This will allow brands to drive impact on TikTok Ads manager.

Brands will only pay when users have voluntarily watched an ad for at least 6 seconds and when they’ve interacted with the add within the first 6 seconds.

“Focused View has delivered amazing results during the testing stage with our global brand partners. In an ever-changing digital marketing world where returns on ad spend are increasingly valued, Focused View offers a way for brands to engage with their audiences more effectively and cost-efficiently,” TikTok wrote announcing the feature.

Shopping ads

Launched recently, Shopping Ads are the simplest solution for sellers to maximize potential for campaigns to connect with communities on TikTok.

The feature will make it easier to convert demand from shoppers into sales.

Brands will be able to do all the planning and buying for e-commerce campaigns all on the platform.

Users will see a small pop up screen on the bottom of a video for items available for sale.

This will allow users to view and possible have access to the store which sells the products in the TikTok video.



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