Samuel Kwame Boadu: What have you noticed about the suya or Abochie man selling strategy? He doesn’t shout; buy suya ! buy suya!Instead he attracts his ideal customers by selling what they want.
He positions himself in a place where his ideal customers hang out and at a particular time (at night)
He gives a free sample of his suya (product) before he thinks of selling to you. He gives something of value even before you buy.
He gives free value to influence you to buy from him. He gives you a taste of his suya (product), that’s the first thing you receive when you approach his table and you feel you’re cheating him. You feel a sense of obligation to return the favour by buying his suya. It becomes very hard and difficult to leave that table without buying from him.
Now how can you apply the suya man selling strategy to your business?
1. Attract your ideal customers to your business by selling what they want.
2. Figure out where your ideal customers hang out and go there
Position yourself there.
3. Give your ideal customers a taste of your product or service to influence them to buy from you
Give them a free sample of what you offer
Give them value before you ask for money
If they like it, they’ll be willing to do business with you.

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