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SKB Journal: SamBoad to Launch ‘Professional Edition’ of Samuel Kwame Boadu Journal

Samuel Kwame Boadu Journal

SamBoad Business Group Limited led by Samuel Kwame Boadu on March 2021 announced an online venture that combines Samuel Kwame Boadu Journal ‘s Web site with SamBoad’s business-to-business news service and service providing Giggs.

The targeted users are businesses and individuals who need more specialized information through articles, trending news, relevant tips and sports brief

The service, called Samuel Kwame Boadu Journal or SKB Journal and costing nothing to subscribe, has been under discussion for much of the year. Blvck Tick and SKB Journal, which is owned by Samuel Kwame Boadu and SamBoad Business Group Limited., publishes the Journal. The new service is one of the company’s first efforts to blend these products, which have largely been aimed at different audiences.

The product is part of a flurry of efforts by news organizations to earn more revenue from their online offerings amid the wide availability of free news on the Internet.

SKB Journal is a free to use website and subscription services with custom feeds of news, information and alerts for the markets and industry sectors they care most about, as well as to access the regular content on SKB Journal editors will select news stories and information to help SKB Journal subscribers dig deeper into topics of interest.

Beginning next year, 2023, SamBoad plans to sell the service to corporate executives and other business professionals for use at work. The company plans to expand SKB Journal to a broader audience from 2023 through subscriptions and free to read basis.

About Samuel Kwame Boadu Journal

Samuel Kwame Boadu Journal is your source of news and information through the lens of articles, trending stories, amazing tips and sports brief that shape the world and are key to understanding it. SKB Journal audience is anyone who wants or has a job, a career or an ambition; who seeks relevant knowledge and inspiration; who desires an edge as an investor, an employee, a manager or an entrepreneur; or who simply wants to better understand how the world works. We feed you with facts, data and information. Across coverage, we seek a genuinely diverse set of voices and experiences with every story striving to speak to as wide an audience as possible. As a media brand, we are humble, curious, empathetic, informed and open-minded. Our work is plain, direct, concise and accessible. Trust in our news, information and stories.

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