Now You Are A Spectator, What’s Next? The Karim Benzema Ballon D’or Effect

The Karim Benzema Ballon D'or Effect
The Karim Benzema Ballon D’or Effect: I am not a die-hard fan of soccer, but I love to pick lessons from the soccer games, and I love to read stories around the game and yes, I support Liverpool Football Club because we never walk alone. As usual, I will be writing about this picture that I have seen shared on the Internet lately concerning Karim Benzema clapping for Cristiano Ronaldo and his other teammate when they won the Ballon D’or. Now, I have seen almost everyone use the caption, “Keep clapping for others, soon it will be your turn”. And that is absolutely correct. When you celebrate others, you will get celebrated. But there is a cut!
Karim BenzemaThe Karim Benzema Ballon D'or Effect
Whether you celebrate others or not, if you do not put in the level of work demanded of you to get to the zenith of your career and attract public celebration, no one will celebrate you. You see, dormancy births normalcy. You can’t be celebrated when you are not doing anything. You are just a normal person wandering aimlessly and “trying” to feel good by cheering others on. At a point, you will feel sad and depressed that you keep celebrating others, but no one is celebrating you. A deep question… What will others celebrate about you when you are doing nothing?
I preach that people should celebrate others even if they have to fakingly do it. But I am now preaching that you should start doing something that will birth the genius in you and bring your creativity to the spotlight through your expression so you too can be celebrated. For people who are just spectators in life, they are usually in their comfort zone (This is relative). They fail to seek what those who are been celebrated are doing. They feel that as long as they scream “congratulations”, the success will transfer to them. And trust them to use the usual axiom, “when success happens, it means it is around my corner.”
Yes, success is in your corner, but you see, success comes to those who attract it. You don’t attract it by JUST celebrating others. You must work for it. If you are consciously working to be successful, success will come looking for you. It is the like-attract effect. Look closely again at that picture at the Top. Some people are clapping as spectators. Did they become celebrated on that field? I bet your answer is “No”. But Benzema is clapping on the field. He has been ‘active’ on the field as far back as 2015 while celebrating his colleagues. That is why he too got to that peak of his career and was celebrated when it was his turn. You cannot be passive and expect to be celebrated. You must put in the work. It is at the place of service that kings-in-making are recognized and put in the spotlight. Again, go back to work. You can celebrate others while putting in the work. Never limit yourself to being a spectator in life only.
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