The Leftovers : How to Achieve More with what is left of You

The Leftovers
written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
The leftovers: When you listen to people who you admire that have really done well for themselves and choose not to be blinded by their achievements, you’d realize that they built everything with their ” The leftovers “. We all desire beautiful realities for ourselves but most times, life will not take you in the direction you expect.
Many of you have lived lives with moments that bring pain, shame, hurt, resentment and bitterness.
Should you beat yourself for that? Nah! Not at all. The thing is you don’t have to stay in that mental space with negative thoughts and beliefs that you have no value or are not worthy.
You can do something with your “leftovers”
Every achievement we will build would be from our “leftovers”.
Our purpose, our dreams, and our achievement are established from one ingredient – “The leftovers”.
Your leftover could be a school dropout.
Your leftover could be a broken relationship.
Your leftover could be the loss of a loved one.
Your leftover could be a mistake you made.
Your leftover could be a single mother.
The list goes on and on…..
When you look at your leftover, ask yourself, what meal do I want to create with what I have left and am I willing to do the work to put it together? What can I create from what’s left after this struggle? A widow in the Bible met Elisha after her husband died. Elisha asked her “what have you got at home” she replied “nothing at all, except a small jar of olive oil” Beloved( In Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun’ Voice) , the little oil she had filled all the jars she could lay her hand on until there was none.
Her little leftover oil became more as she worked and walked by faith. Recently, I was listening to Sarah Jakes Roberts the daughter of Famous T.D. Jakes Ministries. She shared her story of how she got pregnant at 13, gave birth at 14 and was so ashamed and afraid at the same time. She felt worthless not until she challenged her belief, accepted her truth at the time shamelessly and decide what to create with her “leftovers”.
It was such an emotional story. However, I didn’t share this to feel pity for Sarah Jakes but to encourage someone out there. There are a lot you haven’t tapped into yet. When you thrash your leftover, you deny yourself a part of your identity.
Fall in love with every part of you, that way you would be able to confront a part of you that needs transformation. There’s a YOU that you have not yet met but God is aware of that person.
You probably may not meet that person if you continue to accept your past as your truth and reality.
Your leftover could be where your glory is.
Don’t thrash it.
Today, I encourage you to dare to show up in your life with your broken pieces, and your leftovers because there is a beautiful version of you to behold. They may be leftovers to you, but they’re the perfect ingredients for Him to work things out for your good.
Be Happy , Cheers ????
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