The Power Of Self Search : Steps to Self Discovery

self search
written by Samuel Kwame Boadu
There were moments we searched or self search endlessly for something, only to find out that what we searched for was with us. So many times, we even went ahead to ask people around if they had any clue about where it was. Some of these people(Friends/Family/Partners) are the ones who finally bring it to our notice that what we searched for, was right there with us.
You’ve searched around and even asked people but one place you haven’t checked is yourself.Guess what? Many of what you need is what you already have and God has placed it right within you even from creation. All that is needed is just discovery, mining and polishing. Although sometimes, you may need people to point it out to you, you may also need them to help you discover it. But that happens mainly because, you’d not searched yourself well enough. That you attended classes and trainings on something that was initially new to you, yet you became an expert in that field, only shows what you already had inside.
Nobody knows you better than YOU !
Do you have something in your possession you still don’t know about? Then learn the act of thorough self search . SEARCHING LEADS TO DISCOVERY !
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