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What Is Instagram Notes? New Feature Brings Back AIM Nostalgia

Instagram Notes

Instagram Notes: The new feature allows users to make a 60-character status that lasts 24 hours. Instagram dropped a new feature this week, and users think it’s giving early aughts nostalgia.

1671121575 IG Messaging Stories Bundle HeadercopyCourtesy of Meta/Instagram

The app is adding a “Notes” feature that will act as an “away message” reminiscent of the days of AIM. The addition will serve as “a new way to share your thoughts and see what your friends are up to,” according to a Meta blog post announcement.

“Notes” are meant to be short-form messages and only allow for 60 characters of text or emojis, and will only appear for 24 hours. You can select who sees your note (followers, people you follow, etc.), or you can just share it with your “Close Friends” list. The Note can be deleted if you wish, but it can not be edited.

Shortly after the update hit users, many took to Twitter to call out the feature’s old-school feel.

How to Use Instagram Notes

To make an Instagram Note, simply go to your inbox and select the “+” icon that should appear next to your profile picture. Then, you will be prompted to “share what’s on your mind” and add a 60-character max snippet.

After choosing between sharing your Note with your Close Friends List or with all your followers you follow back, your Note will be shared and visible for 24 hours.


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