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Ghana: Know Everything about the Greater Accra Region

Know Everything about the Greater Accra Region

Accra is the gateway to Ghana and probably the most vibrant region in Ghana. The Greater Accra Region is the most densely populated administrative capital as it contains the two great metropolitan areas of Accra and Tema. Both make up Ghana’s major industrial and commercial centres, Accra is for business whilst Tema and its shipping ports provide vital access to the world. Both these areas are served by Kotoka International Airport which is located about 12km from the centre of Accra.

How long has Accra been Ghana’s capital city?
Accra became the capital of Ghana in 1877, the decision was made after the second Anglo-Asante War, (fight between the British and the Ashanti’s. Before this time Cape Coast was the capital city. An interesting fact about the decision to make Accra the capital was also that Accra had a drier climate relative to Cape Coast.

What is Accra like today
Accra contains the impressive public buildings which reflect its transition from a 19th century suburb of Victoriasborg to the modern metropolis it is today. Spreading along the Atlantic coast, the city provides a vibrant mix of modern and traditional catering for the vast mix of residents who swam to Accra for the multicultural feel of a large buzzing modern West African city. From traditional markets in Madina to the luxury tree lined villas in the Cantonments. Accra is always full of things to impress absorbing museums and impressive public monuments, high rise office buildings to beaches. Accra is the modern Wakanda located in the West of Africa (Marvel’s Black Panther movie, Wakanda is a fictional country in Africa ).

Where the Greater Accra Region is located in Ghana

What is Accra famous for?
Accra is famous and known for a number of things which are the following 10 places and sights. Among the highlights of Accra are the;

1.The National Museum, with its splendid display of exhibits that reflect the heritage of Ghana from 2.prehistoric times to modern times,
3.The National Theatre with its distinctive modern architecture,
4.The Centre for National Culture,
5.Independence Square or Black Star Square – Kwame Nkrumah commissioned the construction of the square to celebrate the nation’s independence
6.The Independence Arch (located in Independence Square)
7.Black Star Gate, (located in Independence Square)
Golden Jubilee House, (aka Flagstaff house) this is the Presidential palace in Accra
8.The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum,
9.The fishing port at James Town
10.Makola Market



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