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Samuel Kwame Boadu Gets ‘Verified’ on Twitter

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Samuel Kwame Boadu, Founding CEO of SamBoad Business Group Limited has recently been verified on Twitter.

With a verified facebook page of over 35,000 followers, an Instagram page of over 11,300 followers and a significant Linkedin presence with 5k followers, it is no surprise that Samuel Kwame Boadu’s official Twitter page with about 8,000 followers has finally been verified.

Samuel, who currently is a part of Priority Insurance Company Limited, Coco Vanilla Restaurant(All Brands) as their Digital Marketer is the most sort after Social Media Consultant as well. Samuel Kwame Boadu also has bloggers, social media managers, a digital marketers, content writers, a graphic designers, copywriters, publicists, a PR officers and a digital media consultants under is firm SamBoad Media Consult, a department of SamBoad Business Group Limited. Samuel Kwame Boadu also helps start-ups and entities project their value, build their online presence through effective digital media and communication strategies.

Samuel Kwame Boadu Gets ‘Verified’ on Twitter
Samuel Kwame Boadu Gets ‘Verified’ on Twitter

He is also an administrative officer at Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy overseeing over 4,ooo pharmaceutical companies in Ghana.

He is also a Member and part of the Marketing Team of For The Future Ghana, an initiative to bring quality education and help to the underprivileged children in Ghana.

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