You Can Find Your Strength In Your Darkest Moments; Here is How To Do This

You Can Find Your Strength In Your Darkest Moments
Find Your Strength in Your Darkest Moments: Sometimes when you hear that people suffer from depression, you might feel it’s all a tale. I’ve come to understand that a human being cannot fully understand what he/she has not experienced before. Not until you see yourself in a state of depression, you can never understand what that creature is. Well, I know you are questioning yourself; it feels like this Samuel Guy has experienced this before. Well, yes, I have. Something happened to me this year that made me slip and fall into that ugly situation.
This is a story of mine that I have never published on my Samuel Kwame Boadu Journal. I shall tell you this story sometimes but not exactly in this post. But No! don’t stop reading this post yet. Keep moving with me.
It was in my darkest days that I found my strength. It was in my days of tears and weakness that I found my strength. It may shock you when I say that I began to write my first book (GOD IN YOUR BUSINESS) when I was in a sorrowful situation. Well, I too was surprised as to how I was able to pick up my courage and started.
It took me time before I could summon the courage and start my book writing project. The truth remains that ever since that time till today, once I hear that any of my people are feeling depressed, I make sure I reach out to that person and help out. If it’s in my power to control situations, if it’s in my power to remove depression from the lives of humans, I would have gladly done that long ago. No one deserves to experience that. Now, at some point in this post, I told you that I found my strength while I was in my darkest moment, and it is true.
My first book was written during this period. Now, over to you that aspires to write a book, start a business, run an idea etc. I know sometimes you have genuine reasons why you can’t start up or finish your projects, problems are real, but my thought is that you find your way around them. You may be thinking you can’t win the situation, but this is me telling you that you can. Just fight it. You should call for help when you ought to. Remember I’m concerned about your growth. Life is full of ups and downs. Stress, hassles, and setbacks happen (but hopefully not too often). How we react to life’s struggles matters a lot. A person’s outlook can contribute to depression — or it can help guard against it.

Research shows that a positive outlook acts as a protection against depression, even for people who have the genes, brain chemistry, or life situations that put them at risk for developing it. The opposite is also true: People who tend to think more negatively may be more at risk for developing depression.


We can’t control our genes, brain chemistry, or some of the other things that contribute to depression. But we do have control over how we see situations and how we cope. Making an effort to think positively — like believing there’s a way around any problem — helps ward off depression. So does developing coping skills and a support system of positive relationships. These things help build resilience (the quality that helps people bounce back and do well, even in difficult situations).


So, as you go about with your family and friends this festive season, try very hard to call a friend, a family member or a Neighbour to check up on them. Don’t go about the usual ‘How are you’ but ask deep questions to see if they are stable and okay because a lot go through a lot of depression but tend to smile because of ego!. Check up on someone today! By the way, how are you and hope you are not depressed?

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