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3 Simple Ways You Can Share Your Links on Instagram : How to Master utilising the feature

Instagram links and clicks
If you use Instagram often, one of Instagram’s barrier is the fact that it doesn’t allow clickable links on any post created. This s*cks to the greatest level and I will not deny but unfortunately, my rants aren’t going to change the policy. The truth is, using Instagram as an engagement and conversion platform can be super easy if you know your way out. Also, 50% of social media users prefer to follow the path of least click resistance. This means, creating a quick or little link for your audience will drive maximum engagements for your business. I’ll share with you 3(Three) simple ways you can share your links on Instagram and master the art of utilising the feature.
1. Posts Links on Instagram Stories: This is really a blessing of the 21st century for most Instagram users.Before 2017, Instagram only allowed this features for verified accounts and no other account is permitted. If you are not a business page and you don’t have up to 10k followers, you cannot use this feature. However, the video right there explains this tip in detail. Let me know where you have issues and I’ll help you out.
2. Add links to Instagram Posts: I know this may sound too much but it is “gbamsolutely” possible. ????If you are serious about launching your business on Instagram, create a small budget and PAY to PLAY the game. You’re only allowed to add clickable links when you promote your posts on Instagram and this is why it important you do it. If you’ve not converted your Instagram profile to a business account, please go and do so quickly. You can do that by just going to “settings” on your Facebook page and click the Instagram tab.
3. Add links to your profile URL: Of course, this is a very popular one for Instagram users. So if you have not yet added to links to your profile, just click on the gear icon and the link in the “website box” If you have any question, please let me know and I’ll be willing to assist by whatsapping me on CLICK
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